The Case of the Absent Wine Predator

Today on Wine Wednesday, I want to explain yet another absence from regular posts as Wine Predator.

I’m sad to say that, just a few days after I posted the you tube by Jo Diaz of my adventures in Portugal and the you tube  by Zev Robinson of the Catavino trailer which features an interview with me, my mother Suzanne Lawrence passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at 72, and right on the heels of the accidental death my dear poet and blogger friend Paul Squires aka GingaTao.

I never got a chance to show her either video…and a lot more, of course. We were finally going to start transforming her extensive research and writing into a blog followed by a book.

While my mom wasn’t a wine drinker, she had a wine cellar which she loved and which I tended. For the past 18 years or so she lived in the house my grandfather built, complete with a wine cellar snuggled into the hillside. For 14 years, my mother took care of her parents who daily celebrated “wine-thirty”–I didn’t have to worry about my grandparents drinking my wine–by that stage in life, my grandpa was fine with inexpensive jug wine which they had with cheese and crackers every afternoon as they enjoyed the ever-changing view from their hillside home.

My mother enjoyed the view, also, and she lived there another six years. As often as possible, I would come up to say hello, at times bringing a friend to enjoy the view and a bottle of wine from the cellar. We would also come up for special dinners like Christmas eve, marked for me with a trip down into the wine cellar. Other times, I’d call to say I was running up to get wine.

Even though we never shared a bottle of wine together, we shared a cellar.

When my friends convinced me to do the video above for Murphy-Goode’s Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent job, I decided to do it if my mom would let me film up at her house. She didn’t want a mess or bother, but she said yes. We did most of the cooking at our house and brought it up the hill. She stored her paperwork in the fireproof wine cellar so we had to move it all out to “stage” it and we had to take the wine still in delivery boxes and put it on the shelves. My friend Annie dusted–she even dusted the old bottles in my grandpa’s collection!

If you’d like to learn more about my mother Suzanne Lee Paquette Lawrence, here’s a blog post about her with links to the obituary and poetry I wrote as well as a newspaper article about her passing.

The day she passed I was putting the finishing touches on a piece about where my passion for the land and for wine came from, mostly, her father. I hope to post it soon. I’ve been trying to get back to working on it and on a letter of application for a real dream job with a winery that I was about to send out. I’d like to think that I’m starting to get back on track with my blogging; during the past month I’ve been in survival mode–there hasn’t been much left of me after teaching, taking care of my family, and trying to do what needs to be done with my mom’s estate. My siblings and I haven’t decided what to do with the house; for now my wine is safe. I’d like to move there but have yet to convince my spouse, and my sister’s son wants to live there too.

I do have some exciting plans and ideas for this blog, so please stay tuned!

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