Welcome to 2010! Happy New Year!

Let’s toast to 2010! And to YOU! Thank you for being a reader of Wine Predator in 2009!

What a year it was! I mean, gosh, I went to PORTUGAL as a wine blogger thanks to Enoforum Wines and Jo Diaz at WineBlog.org! How can 2010 be better? That’s absolutely the best thing that’s happened to me as a blogger–that and meeting fabulous people like Jo, and everyone at Enoforum, and Twisted Oak’s Jeff Stai, and Marcy Gordon, and oh, so many more wonderful wine bloggers and wine folks here in the US and in Portugal! Drinking lots of wonderful wines has its rewards as well!

As Wine Predator/Art Predator, I frequently participated in Wine Blogging Wednesday each month and
–blogged about Macworld in January on a press pass,
–submitted a video application to blog about the Great Barrier Reef in February,
–kept rolling in March and April including a trip to Yosemite
–attended WordCamp SF in May,
–submitted a video application to blog as the Murphy-Goode Lifestyle correspondent in June
–attended my second North American Wine Bloggers Conference in July
–helped people prepare for Burning Man in August
–went to Burning Man for the 17th time in September and blogged about tastings I held there with wines from Michel-Schlumberger, Twisted Oak, Bonny Doon, and Vino V (watch for another blog post about this escapade soon!)
–attended my first European Wine Bloggers Conference in Portugal in October thanks to Enoforum,
–blogged about the Alentejo region of Portugal in November
–and kept on keeping on in December!

So, let’s have another toast (with a nicely balanced brut J cuvee 20–a not sweet, fresh crisp gently bubbling Sonoma County sparkler from the Russian River Valley!) to the New Year, a new blog URL (http://winepredator.com) and YOU! (Because without YOU, it would get rather boring just sitting here writing to myself…!)

And one last toast–to more adventures in wine! What will 2010 bring for the Wine Predator? And you?

One thought on “Welcome to 2010! Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you, too. What a joy to share Portugal with you. It made my year, too. I love that you enjoyed the foods more than I could have… (I’m so finickie with allergies being at the root of it… Meanwhile, you’ve got an amazing palate. It was fun to watch you enjoy all the foods that Delfim, Isabel, and Luis were delighted to present to you.

    May your 2010 travels bring you lots more joy!


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