VinTank To Aid Wine Predator in Quest for Social Media Wine Job!

VinTank to Help Art Predator Get A Really Goode Job!

Extra, extra read all about it! VinTank to help Art Predator win Murphy-Goode wine job!

Okay, I admit, I am exaggerating a little bit, but it’s really exciting news! After I groused over at VinTank and here on Art Predator about how VinTank was providing an unfair advantage to the 8 candidates they’ve chosen before the contest is even over, VinTank’s Paul Mabray commented on their blog and on mine that they are happy to help ALL the applicants–those that ask anyway!

What’s in it for VinTank? If they’re in the business of social media wine consulting, why are they giving away all this information for free? Because they get it–they understand that what they do to help the wine industry will help the wine industry hire them! Further, by nurturing enthusiastic wine bloggers like me, they are developing talent for all those jobs VinTank recommends they fill.

So, Paul and partners at VinTank, I’m asking, I’m asking! Help me get not just a Goode job, but a great job! Help me further develop the skills I need to get a job in social media in the wine industry! (I even have some ideas of places to pitch!) I’m all ears and thrilled to learn more from the experts about using social media tools to communicate stories and make the world a more exciting, interactive place!

And since I know many of my readers want to better reach the world with what YOU want to say, I’ll share what I can with you!

First step, though, is to do my homework and read VinTank’s white paper on social media and the wine industry. Whoo hoo! I love this kind of stuff, I really do. And it smells and sounds like the coffee is almost brewed. Mmmn, coffee. Mmmnn, wine.

Stay tuned!

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