As planned, after Green Drinks in Camarillo (where they served an interesting selection of wines form around the world which doesn’t seem to green to me), my friend Sheila and I went to Herzog to sample their fine Kosher wines.

Where we didn’t find a soul or a car in the parking lot. We did find a small sign int eh window which said they closed early that day, at 5pm and would be closed until Sunday April 19.

I poked around a bit but neglected to turn up anything which looked like fine Kosher wine to me so I guess I’m passing on this one, although next Wednsday the winemaker is holding a special tasting and discussion of Kosher wines which I will take advantage of. Just gotta ask one question: why couldn’t they haev done that tasting BEFORE they closed for passover? Am I missing something that maybe had to do with sunset on the day before?

Maybe I’ll get an exception…we’ll see. Anyway, watch for a post about fine Kosher wine NEXT week sometime!

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