Grateful Palate Warehouse Sale: thanks for 2 great cases!

Art Predator Scores 2 Cases at Grateful Palate Warehouse Sale!

Art Predator Carries out 2 Boxes of Wine!

Art Predator Carries out 2 Boxes of Wine!

Yes, that’s me there, carrying out two cases of wine, 4 pounds of bacon, and two jars of jam that I scored at the Grateful Palate Warehouse sale today! Even though many of the prices were higher this fall than they were in the spring (from 10-20% higher…which I guess isn’t too bad considering the fate of the US dollar when compared to the Australian).

What did I get, you ask? Which wines will I be drooling over and writing about this fall and winter?

3 Sparking reds! Hmmn,  should be 4–somehow I missed out on a bottle of the $8 Paringa, but my friend Kathy got some, I know; hopefully she’ll share! I did get one bottle of Trevor Jones ($14), and passed on the magical Majella ($25)  we enjoyed last spring in favor of something very unusual and impossible to buy anywhere else in the US–2 bottles of “The Doctor” sparkling shiraz by The Willows for $23. After GP imported it here, they found out they couldn’t sell it because of the word Doctor on the label. Can you say “duck”? We’ll have one of these at Thanksiving, for sure!

Since I’ve been on a mourverde kick since I tasted the 2002 RBJ Mataro last summer, and since I love the 2001 mourverdre/grenache theologicum, I picked up a Veritas 1998 shiraz/mourverdre, another RBJ Theologicum mourverdre/grenache (I know, another one–but I like it!), and a 2000 Hutton-Vale grenache/mourverdre. There was a bottle of a GSM somewhere in the warehouse that I meant to pick up, but I lost track of it in all of the excitement. Or maybe someone picked it up before I made it back over there with my cart!

Then there’s my collection of Barossa Valley shiraz–2 of the wonderful Chris Ringland 2006 Ebenezer shiraz which is about all gone from the stores and the warehouse ($18), a Barossa Scholar shiraz (project of a local school), not to forget the  $9.99: Digger’s Bluff Stray Dog 05 GSM (made by the son of the granddaddy of Australian wine I hear) plus a Lens & Cooter 2003 Victor shiraz, and 2 cab/shiraz blends for the Big Monkey–McLean’s Farm 2002, and 2 Old Plains 2003 cab/shiraz.

Then there’s the oddball: Tscharke Montpulciano 2006 which I just had to give a try ($17)–just because I didn’t like the tempranillo doesn’t mean I won’t like something else!

The most expensive wine of the day, and possibly the most exciting, is a 1998 Brothers in Arms shiraz. I think I will save that for a rack of lamb or duck. I found it a couple places on-line for $75; I took it home for $25!

Since I love my port, I picked up a bottle of tawny Jonesy for 20% off retail, and a bottle of the Barossa class port 2000 which blew my socks off last summer. A split of that went for $4.99 last spring but was up to $7.99 this fall. Ouch! I definitely liked things better when the dollar was stronger.

Who needs jewelry for Christmas? Wine’s just fine!

And a partidge in a pear tree!

3 thoughts on “Grateful Palate Warehouse Sale: thanks for 2 great cases!

  1. Indeed wine is just fine with me too. A couple of years ago, I scored a delicious Selentein Malbec as a Christmas gift.

    I’ve seen some of Gary Vaynerchuk’s winetasting videos. He is definitely knowledgeable, enterprising and entertaining. He could make 100 grand off the Internet plugging wine (and maybe does) but very few amateur wine enthusiasts like myself and I do mean amateur in my case, could make any money wine blogging. I blog more for the fun of it anyway – if I tried to for $ the pressure would be too great and I would lose interest quickly.

    BTW, I tried the Pringa (Shiraz) last year and liked it – a real bargain for under $10. Keep on wine blogging!


  2. Yes Gary Vaynerchuk is quite a character! I was impressed by how high his energy was in person that night at 9pm after a day of non-stop tasting!

    And I agree that turning a blog into a business would take a lot of the fun out of it–according to him, he’s got his sales team making calls and he replies to every comment. That’s a lot of work and dedication! I have some ideas–we’ll see if I’m the “wine Blogger” making $100,000 next year!


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