Majella’s Sparking Shiraz: rubies flash

Majella’s sparkling shiraz & taxes: perfect for a picnic

I have to admit, right here, right now, that in June I had yet to finish our 2007 taxes.

But thanks to Annie, we had all of our numbers squared away in their little boxes in time for Charles to help us use his Turbo Tax program.

And so, to say thanks to Annie, to celebrate the near completion of our taxes, and because of a beautiful, shimmery solstice eve here on the California coast, we popped the cork on a bottle of 2004 Majella sparkling shiraz.

What in the world is a sparkling shiraz, you ask?

Until a few months ago, that was my question too. A red sparkling wine? Good? At the idea, at the very suggestion, my mind immediately flew back in time to my high school prom, and having my date pop the plastic cork of the cold duck: red sparkling wine spilled all over my cream colored dress. We left the beach for a nearby McDonald’s where I washed my dress in the sink and used the hand dryer to dry it off enough for us to head to the prom just in time to get our pictures taken. Continue reading