WBC Keynote Wine Writer Steve Heimoff on the “bloggers wine war” & more

Steve Heimoff tastes 5000 wines a year–professionally.

He’s also controversial when it comes to wine bloggers.

In his keynote, which I am enjoying with some AUS shiraz samples of the tasty Mollydooker The Boxer and the absolutely juicy joy of Carnival of Love, he starts out with discussing how this is a transitional phase of wine writing from the era of “ivory tower” wine writers to a more democratized wine writing via Robert Parker who wanted to write in a way to make wine more popular and wine writing more available to the level of the average person.

Now he points out it’s the third wave of wine writing where women are now writing about wine.

The top down model of wine writing has changed radically with the spread of social media so that now there are thousands of wine writers publishing on the web using various social media platforms–primarily blogs.

He sees how blogs provide writers an opportunity to write in a stronger  more personal voice. Having a blog allowed him to write without the chafing of the yoke of an editor. Continue reading