Get Happy, says Blogger of the Week (ME!)

happinessdayToday is the “International Day of Happiness” which in and of itself is worth getting happy about! Read more about the “International Day of Happiness” here.

And watch this fabulously fun and happy video of wine country Porto uploaded and featuring our wine friends from Catavino, Gabriella and Ryan Opaz plus their baby Mica!

Today is also the first day of SPRING here on the northern hemisphere. On a recent drive up the coast through Santa Barbara County wine country, the vines were busy with bud break, a sure sign of spring.

Coming soon: blog posts about four stops on that trip, dinner at Gardens of Avila, wine and cycling at Peloton Cellars in Avila, tasting (and shucking oysters!) at Casa Dumetz, and beer tasting in Los Alamos with Emilio Estevez. Plus, before Women’s History month is out, posts about women winemakers!

And in the southern hemisphere, today is the first day of FALL and so harvest is in full swing.ecct0323quicksip01

And as if that wasn’t enough to be happy about, I’m also celebrating being “Blogger of the Week” published today by the San Jose Mercury Times! Read the article by Jessica Yadegaran here.

Do I look happy? Cheers!

Watch Wine Predator In WBC Documentary Teaser!

At the Wine Blogger’s Conference last month in Walla Walla, Catavino (aka Ryan and Gabriella Opaz) invited me to sit for an interview with documentary film maker and photographer Zev Robinson. He’s doing a film on the Wine Bloggers Conferences with a focus on European WBC organizers Gabriella and Ryan Opaz and Catavino. They wanted me to discuss my experiences at the three North American Wine Bloggers Conferences as well as the European one.

So although I  knew I might miss some of the final tasting of the conference, the one that paired 10 tidbits with various wines, we took that time for an interview where I spoke honestly and passionately. I compared the conferences I’d attended and discussed the wine blogging community in general. Some of what I had to say I knew when I said it might be controversial. I come to wine writing from a career in academia and journalism, and that shapes my perceptions and experiences.  I come to wine blogging from being active in online poetry writing communities which obsessively debates similar topics: how to guide people to find the “real” deal, the wine writers or poets who really know something about the topic.

Watch the video to get my opinion on that controversial topic! This is just a teaser! He plans to do more shooting at the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Vienna in October where he’ll get some video with the always outspoken and provocative Ken Payton of the blog Reign of Terroir.

Anybody got a spare plane ticket to Europe by the way? I’d really like to go to Vienna to this year’s Wine Bloggers Conference there!