Chianti: Beyond the Straw Bottle #ItalianFWT

According to Wikipedia, the straw basket bottle that many people associate with cheap Italian wine, and even more specifically, Chianti, is called a fiasco — or, if you want many of them, fiaschi: Continue reading

Italian Holiday Traditions Adapted to CA Conditions: 3 dishes with wine


Lambrusco – Dell’Emillia – 11% alcohol -Fun to drink – affordable -Fun to open. the best of a beer fizz and a champagne fizz in one topped with a lush Burgundy color. Bramble fruit, nose and palate, very soft, easy drink. lacking the completity of a full red. A beer drinkers wine. great for parties and a value at $15

The United States is well-known around the world as a land of opportunity and a land of immigrants. 

Only a few Americans today can claim Native heritage; most of us migrated here from somewhere else, and just about all of us have immigrant blood in our veins. Our specific stories may all be different, but we all came for one important reason: to make a better life for ourselves and our families.

This fact has influenced our culinary traditions, Continue reading