WBC 2010 Blogging Breakout Sessions: Advanced is Good Grape, 1WineDude & RJ

I’m here at the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference and it’s time for the “About Wine Blogging” breakout sessions! Our choices are:
• Wine Blogging 101 with Colby Vorhees, Joe Power and Catie Walker
• Advanced Wine Blogging with Joe Roberts, Jeff Lefevere and RJ Hilgers –
• Wine Blogging and the Wine Industry with Craig Camp, Lori Narlock and Bob

I’m with the Advanced Wine Blogging with Joe Roberts who just won the best wine blog award 1 Wine Dude, Jeff Lefevere Good Grape (who won two awards!) and RJ Hilgers and taking notes on suggestions from Jeff Lefrevre at Good Grape. Here’s his four main points:

1. Work Smarter Not Harder
2. Work on your writing
3. Develop your brand
4. Capitalize on trends.

Here’s some details and specifics according to Jeff: Continue reading