No use crying over spilled wine–or blog posts!

Fellow bloggers, have you ever accidentally hit “publish” when you meant to hit “save draft”? That’s what happened with my Egypt wine post. So then I “unpublished” it by scheduling it for a later date–except then I got busy and lo and behold, I came back from a long weekend away and there was that blog post! Right there published on my blog, almost like it had done it by itself!

Part of the problem is how much changed in Egypt from when I started writing that blog post immediately on my return and the sudden turmoil that began a few days after I returned. With all the changes going on in Egypt, it just felt weird if not wrong to be writing about wine as if a revolution wasn’t going on.

Anyway, I have photos to go with the post and more that I want to add, so as soon as I can, I will get to it…

Do they have wine in Egypt?

I’m about to find out whether they have wine in Egypt because I am on my way there to celebrate my birthday Tuesday with the pyramids and more!

I’ve been promised wireless connections–I fully intend to blog and tweet along the way!

Learn more about the trip below!

A Sacred Journey to Egypt 1-11-11! I’m heading to Egypt tomorrow Insha’Allah “if it is God’s will.” Almost EVERYTHING is already paid for on this Sacred Journey with Sequoia Hamilton, except for a few meals, which will make it really easy to focus on the sights, sounds, smells, to deeply experience the country, and to go on an inner journey as well. The following itinerary is adapted from an email sent by Sequoia; all photos on this page courtesy of Sequoia Hamilton Travels. I get … Read More

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