St Patrick’s Dessert: Exclusiv St. Pat’s-tini

Ok, so I agree, Saint Pat’s-tini is a stupid name. But it’s a great drink. We thought it should be called the Shamrock because with this drink you’re sure to get lucky. But that name is probably already taken.

I know that this blog is called WINE PREDATOR and you expect to read about wine here. However,  every once in a while, as much as I love wine, port, sherry, and cognac, I move beyond grape based adult beverages.

That’s right,  I do love martinis. Yes, part of the affair is the romance of the glass–there’s nothing more sexy than a martini glass if you ask me.

I usually go for a gin martini up with a twist. Too many cocktails called martinis are too sweet for my taste.

I have discovered a few martinis that meet my standards, that make me swwon. One is the house martini at the Edison in downtown LA that features St Germain, that magical liquer made from elderberry flowers (!).

Just the other day, some friends and I tried out a St Patrick’s Day martini using Exclusiv vodka and a recipe they sent me (they sent me the vodka too…). We tasted a regular and an orange vodka then we tried the plain in the St Pats-tini. And then we tried another round just to make sure it was as good as we thought it was.

It was. Unmistakably YUMMY. So yummy that I am going to bring this to the Triiibes and Linchpins martini smackdown in Ventura on St Pat’s Day!

So if you’re looking for a dessert cocktail that’s a purty nice green, isn’t too sweet, and will very likely make you very lucky, try this:

Exclusiv Saint Pat’s-tini  
2 oz Exclusiv Vodka
1/2 oz Creme de Cocoa
1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
1/2 oz green Creme de Menthe
Exclusiv suggests you shake the first three ingredients then pour into a chilled martini glass  then sink Green Creme de Menthe then garnish with a mint leaf and chocolate shavings. We liked the drink better with it all shaken together even though it isn’;t as pretty this way. We never got around to making the chocolate shavings but the fresh mint was definitely awesome and I have it conveniently growing in my garden. By the way, they sent me the fancy picture with the recipe; the top one of Helen I took with my iPhone and I think I took the other one with the daffodils too. (Note–don’t drop your iPhone on the edge of the martini glass–the glass will break and the precious liquid will spill sticky stuff everywhere…)

Here’s more about what Annie, Dave, Helen (pictured) and I thought about the vodka:


–doesn’t smell like stinky socks! (like many vodkas)
–smell and taste reminds us of gin
–very smooth
–seems expensive, classy bottle
–on the sweet side
–mixed with grapefruit soda: very refreshing
–make a great mixer


–very nice essence of orange
–orange flavor not overwhelming
–beautiful orange blossoms
–nice clear taste, not cloying, no unpleasant after taste
–mix with cranberry, lemon slice or on the rocks very chilled

About Saint Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in America 1737 and has long been synonymous with celebration. Once confined to Irish neighborhoods, this March 17th holiday has grown dramatically in popularity over the years with over 100 U.S. cities including Ventura, will host St. Patrick’s Day parades this year. Here’s how to join Ventura’s parade on your bike or walking!

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And now to go experiment with some Exclusiv Vodka and St Germain recipes!! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!