Live Wine Blogging Session #1 White wines

This is a the wildest way to taste wine ever. Each winery has 5 minutes to tell their story and pour their wines. Then they switch and move on to the next table. I think I tasted 13-14 wines; below I mention and blog about 13 of them!

Big House White 2009

White wine in a box that’s shaped in an 8 sided container called Octogon. One Octogon has 4 bottles. Stays fresh for 6 weeks instead of a couple of days . Made by Adam Richardson senior winemaker, but a local artisan wine maker makes the wine Georgetta Dane from Romania. But there’s some gal she mentioned too. Malvasia, muscat, viognier, gruner, pinot gris, reilsing. Very aromatic, really unexpected that it’s quite decent. $20 more or less because it’s a lot cheaper to produce and distribute. People will like this and change their opinion of wine in a box.

2008 Viognier from Maryhill in the Columbia Gorge

and you can see the Columbia River there and they have lots of concerts and stuff.
Produce 80,000 cases., 4000 of this wine. A bit cold now but will open and warm up. Retails at $12. Stainless steel mostly but one fermented in oak. This wine is distributed in 21 states. Will be pouring a zin tomorrow and they’re the largest producer of zin in WA. Taste like viognier.

2008 Genesis by Hogue Continue reading