A Toast to #EarthDayEveryDay and Earth Activists Everywhere with Biodynamic and Organic Waterford Whisky + Bread Pudding


Biodynamic and Organic Waterford Whisky with bread pudding with whiskey sauce

With Earth Day come and gone and Earth Month almost over, let’s toast to #EarthDayEveryDay and all who did so much for the Earth this month with Biodynamic and Organic Waterford Whisky! Here on Wine Predator, we love organic and biodynamic products — and we love our whisky because we do not live by wine alone! So I was thrilled when we were offered samples of these beautiful Irish Waterford Distillery bottles of whisky that are organic and biodynamic which we paired with bread pudding that Sue Hill made… and yes, with a whisky sauce and homemade whipped cream!

You wouldn’t think there would be much of a difference between the two but there is. And tasters had a strong preference one to the next!

Just as I learned from sampling Robert Hall’s “sustainable” vs “regenerative” experiments in wine, different farming practices bring differences to the final product which concentrates the produce.  (And don’t get me started on the differences between organic and GMO potatoes! IYNYK– and if you don’t know, rush out and buy some of each and see for yourself! The flavor is so different, not to mention that organic and biodynamic produce is more dense with nutrients.)
Both whiskies have lovely bee pollen and brown sugar aromas with flavors of pee pollen and lemon with the biodynamic whisky “Luna” more spicy and herbaceous than the organic “Gaia”. What a great dessert experience—to taste and compare the whisky on its own, and then with the dessert! The whisky pairs so well with the sweet, creamy textured puddling. More details on the whisky and the pairing below; there’s lots of recipes out there but here’s one worth checking out.

Terroir-driven Waterford Whisky is the largest producer of organic malt whisky in the world. To “unearth” (pun intended!) whisky’s most natural flavors, Waterford Whisky introduced biodynamic and organic farming philosophy to the whisky industry through their Arcadian Farm Origin Series, which includes Organic Gaia: Edition 2.1 srp $100 and Biodynamic Luna: Edition: 1.1. SRP $120. For the Arcadian Farm Origin they “sought out maverick farmers, inspirational growers, iconoclasts whose ethos & way of life respects the land in the pursuit of pure flavours over yield imperatives.” In addition to Organic and Biodynamic, they make Heritage & Peated whiskies for this line.
Waterford Whisky also offers a Single Farm Origin series that uses 100% Irish barley in their “limited edition natural whiskies that explore Irish terroir one farm, one place, at a time. They are expressions of precision and rarity, showcasing barley flavours derived from individual Irish farms and harvests.” Much like wine tasting, how fun would that be to visit these farms and taste the whisky that comes from there? 

Irish Whisky from Waterford

Organic Waterford Irish Single Malt Whisky “Gaia 2.1”

ABV: 50%
SRP: $100
Grapes: Organic Irish barley, water yeast free from coloring and chill filtration

Organic Gaia: Edition 2.1 (purchase here) champions “maverick barley farmers throughout Ireland, whose practices respect the land and reflect the old ways of farming in the pursuit of pure flavors. Derived from 6 farms using alternative farming methods including organic, biodynamic and heritage barley. Gaia is Ireland’s only whisky to be distilled from 100% organic Irish barley.”

Herb and Marshall preferred this one, finding it smoother.

Appearance:  Light in color, golden honey without being honeyed

Aroma: While the nose of whiskey can be a bit overwhelmed by the alcohol we were entranced by the honey, honey pollen a bit of coconut,  and the sweet oak. 

Palate:  Irish whisky by nature is sweet and smooth, a bit of coconut milk on the palate this did not disappoint in that but did have a bit of a whiskey bite. There is a bit of coconut milk on the palate if you pay attention. Do not treat whiskey like you would wine. Do not swish it around quickly in the mouth or it will become hot and unapproachable. This is not the smooth aged Tillamore Dew or Jameson, but the flavors are on the right path. 

Pairing: So fantastic with the bread pudding. So smooth and enjoyable with this rich flavorful dessert. It picks up on the raisins and takes off on this incredible pairing. 

Biodynamic Waterford Irish Single Malt Whisky “Luna 1.1”

Biodynamic Waterford Irish Single Malt Whisky “Luna 1.1”

ABV: 50%
SRP: $120
Grapes: Biodynamic Irish Barley, Water, Yeast free from coloring and chill filtration

The world’s first whisky made from biodynamic barley, Biodynamic Luna: Edition 1.1 (purchase here) draws “upon ancient lore of lunar cycles & exotic preparations, the landmark whisky invokes the goddess of the moon for Waterford’s most esoteric & evocative bottling.”

Janie and I loved the texture and complexity we found in this one.

Appearance:  Very golden sun, catching the light so nicely

Aroma: Honey, this needs a snifter to be appreciated. It is worth sniffing for the purity, cleanliness and the honey

Palate: Honey pollen and alcohol without being overwhelmingly alcoholic. Very smooth complex in flavor, very alive and vibrant, herbaceous, 

Pairing: So, when I posed an Irish Whisky pairing meal, Sue was right away telling me that we needed to do a bread pudding  with our Irish Whisky. It was a great suggestion. It is the perfect amount of sweet, creaminess, and crispy texture. 

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