Albana, Boschera,  Erbaluce, Incrocio Bruni, Maceratino: Rare Italian White Grapes Plus Pairings #ItalianFWT

Verovino imports intersting Italians

Ready to expand your indigenous Italian white wine horizons beyond Moscato (sweet and/or sparkling), Prosecco (made from the Glera grape), Soave’s Garganega, or Pinot Grigio? Maybe you’re already familiar with grapes like these as well as Trebbiano, which is grown in at least 80 Italian DOCs, making it the most widely grown white grape in all of Italy. Well we have some grapes for you to discover! Ever heard of these rare white grapes?

  • Albana
  • Boschera 
  • Erbaluce
  • Incrocio Bruni
  • Maceratino

Just how rare are these grapes? In Italian Grapes Unplugged: Grape by Grape, these grapes are listed as “rare” and some are being recovered after almost going extinct. This is the first time we’ve tasted three of these grapes, and

this is the first time Boschera has ever been tasted in the US! How special and rare is that?

You’d think you’d have to go to Italy to find wines as rare as these. But in the US, we are fortunate that Continue reading