Organic Sauvignon Blanc Paired with Fried Calamari Ceasar Sandwiches


Organic Sauvignon Blanc from Bonterra and Kind of Wild Paired with La Brea Bread Calamari Ceasar Salad Sandwiches

There’s little I love more than freshly baked bread. Except freshly baked bread with wine! So when one of my favorites bakeries, La Brea, contacted me about doing a bread and wine pairing, I said ABSOLUTELY!

When the bread arrived, I eagerly opened the package to find two kinds of Take and Bake rolls, one with turmeric making it a lovely rich color, and the other sourdough seeded. Take and Bake means you finish cooking them yourself so it tastes super fresh. YUM!
My writing partner Sue and I decided these good sized rolls would be awesome for beef and lamb sliders with red wine from Spain. And then? Instead of making small burgers for sliders, my husband formed GIANT patties! There was NO WAY they would work together and he was not about to reshape the burgers.
Back to the drawing board. 

organic sauvignon blanc

As we are celebrating Organic September and Pour Organic with sponsor Bonterra, and  since I had accidentally defrosted some calamari steaks which I LOVE with Sauvignon Blanc, I suggested to Sue we do something different than my beloved crusty bread and goat cheese with Sauvignon Blanc. How about fried calamari Ceasar salad SANDWICHES with fresh cucumber, tomato, and avocado from our gardens?
Since fried calamari is one of Sue’s favorites, it wasn’t hard convincing her! And so, calamari Ceasar salad sandwiches were born! And, what an out of the ball park pairing! What a great idea for a picnic — or to take to an outdoor concert –any time of year!
WINES: Organic Sauvignon Blanc 

While California’s Bonterra is a well-known pioneer in the organic wine category which we wrote about their Chardonnay just last week, and we wrote about the Bonterra biodynamic wines here, global Kind of Wild is a brand new company crowdfunded by a campaign which raised $20K+ in less than 12 days! Their plan is to import to the US organic wine from different grapes from various countries. Read on for more details– plus we have a rose and a Malbec blend from them to share with you soon! We also have two more wines coming up from Bonterra, a rose and a merlot. 

Calamari Ceasar salad on La Brea bread with organic Sauvignon Blanc

MENU: Calamari Sandwiches 

  • Raw oysters 
  • La Brea Petite Take and Bake Rolls (samples)
  • Breaded, Fried Calamari Steaks
  • Crunchy lemony Ceasar Salad with Sue’s homemade dressing 
  • Selection of sliced
    > tomato for color and umami 
    > avocado for rich, creamy texture  
    > cucumber, crisp and fresh 

While homemade is always best, you can make this sandwich so easily using a bagged Ceasar salad (omit the croutons), and ready to bake in the oven calamari (be sure to bake them!). You don’t even have to include the tomatoes, avocado, and cucumber! But we highly recommend one or the other of these La Brea Petite Seeded Bread Rolls! Like most fried foods, best when consumed fresh. The twist-off closure on the Bonterra wine (pictured below) makes it super easy for a picnic as well.

So while this meal isn’t vegan, it can be organic and sustainable if you choose carefully! Learn more about the calamari you’re consuming here.  Also, in a sandwich like this full of fresh vegetables, you are less likely to consume quite as much meat!

Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc

2020 Bonterra  Sauvignon Blanc
ABV 13.2%
SRP $14
As we wrote about recently, Bonterra has been a leader in the organic wine category FOREVER aka they certified organic in 2010 and Bonterra is the number one selling brand of wine in the US made with organic grapes, and for good reasons: they’re well made and priced affordably. 

Color: Very pale lemon, hint of green

Aromas: Grapefruit, peach, grass meadow, eureka lemon, this is a very American styled Sauvignon Blanc

Palate: Relatively simple, pleasant, balanced acidity, lemon, ocean salinity, sea grass, there is acidity, but it is not overwhelming. Very enjoyable sipping wine without food. Poolside, beach, on the porch after work with a friend. Easy comfortable sipping wine. 

Pairing: Oyster and wine together bring out nice honeydew and cantaloupe flavors left on the palate. The cleanliness of the wine washes through the creamy oyster. The sandwich on the seeded sourdough bun was fantastic with the wine. It did not do as well with the curry turmeric spices in the other bun. The garlic and parm on the Cesar on the salad brings out the peachy fruit in the wine. 

Kind of Wild Sauvignon Blanc

2020 Kind of Wild Sauvignon Blanc, Chile 
ABV 13%
SRP $25

Kind of Wild is the new kid on the organic wine block. They get that the organic wine section is sparse, and they’re trying to do something about it! Kind of Wild Wines offer:

♻️ Certified Vegan and Organic

🌎 Kindly crafted from around the world

📦 Shipped directly to your door in eco-packaging

🌱 1% of sales donated to saving our soil

These Sauvignon Blanc grapes are 100% estate-grown and farmed organically for nearly 25 years, as well as with biodynamic management which treats the farm as a living organism. The Lolol Valley, a sub-appellation within the region of Colchagua, just south of Santiago, is the western most growing region in Colchagua and closest to the Pacific Ocean with warm days and cool nights. 

While the bottle and the color might suggest Chardonnay, this is Sauvignon Blanc all the way!

Color: Pale gold, like gold jewelry
Aromas: In my glass, it smells more like a rose. White peach, peach,  fresh mown grass, fennel, guava, 

Palate: The palate is quite different from the nose, tart lemon, grapefruit, fennel, sage, very interesting palate 

Pairing: The oyster and the wine were just super salty together. So this is not your oyster wine unless you like a lot of salt. It is not bad, it is just not as amazing as Sauvignon Blanc and oysters can be together. Fantastic with the garlic and parmesan cheese in the sandwich. The calamari sandwich and the wine were perfect together especially with the turmeric buns. The earthy curry turmeric richness in the bun works great with the wine. The guava characteristics are quite evident in the wine with the sandwich. The avocado brings a creamy richness that the wine loves. 

On another evening, I paired these two Sauvignon Blanc with fresh local grilled halibut, a bagged Cesar, grilled corn, grilled asparagus, and aromatic rice.  A great pairing, wonderful really, but those sandwiches? I’m salivating just thinking about them! And what a great meal to do for a gathering with friends.

Cheers! Happy #OrganicSeptember! Let’s #PourOrganic! 


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