Go to Italy’s Puglia, Land of Rosati, For the Rosé Days of Summer

Rosé wine from Puglia is called rosato

Rosé in Italian means rosato and rosato in Italy means Puglia because if you’re looking for rosato in Italy, the place to go is Puglia where over 40% of Italy’s rosati (plural for rosato) comes from.

Some even say the birth place of this popular pink drink is Puglia!

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A+ Pairings for Asparagus, Arugula, and Artichokes with organic wines from Alsace, Australia, Austria, and Argentina #WinePW

A+ Pairings

  • There’s a wine for every food
    and a food for every wine!
  • The secret is in the sauce…
    and the preparation!

While some insist drink what you like, and pair the wine you like with the food you like BUT while you MAY like it, and everybody’s chemistry is different, some pairings are A+, others awful, and some just all right.

What I like isn’t always what Sue likes. She loves jalapeños, onions, celery; I don’t. In fact, I have a hard time digesting green peppers and onions. I’m not fond of celery, and I really find that celery seed has a strong flavor that hangs around and doesn’t do well with wine.

Over the years of pairing and writing about food and wine pairings has taught us a few tricks– especially when pairing wines with vegetarian dishes.


Oregon’s A to Z Wineworks Paired with Summer Salads and Sandwiches

To be honest, I’m swimming in samples of wine. It is, after all, sample season: it gets too warm to ship over the summer. I don’t say this to brag. It’s just a fact, a fact that I am very grateful for, and that I’ve worked hard to achieve. I’m on a lot of lists and I’m offered many amazing opportunities to taste wonderful wines from around the world.

But that’s what I did with Oregon’s A to Z Wineworks: I asked for samples. Like I needed any more wine to write about…. but I had to. I needed to know more.

B for B Corp

Hi Deb,

Thank you for your presentation today at the Sustainable Wine Growing Summit.

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