2020 California Garagiste Festivals: Sonoma Feb. 15, Solvang April 18/19, LA July 24/25, Paso Robles Nov. 12-15

Did you know that last Tuesday, the final Tuesday of January, is National Plan Your Vacation Day?

If you didn’t, now you do!

But what we REALLY need is a National Plan Your WINE Vacation Day!

That’s when you open a glass of bottle of wine with a few friends, take out your calendars, and compare notes to plan to attend as many wine festivals and other wine country events in the coming year that you possibly can schedule! Whether you want small producers, Kosher wine, or pinot pinot and more pinot, there is a festival for you!

Today, here’s a focus on four festivals in California that celebrate “garagiste” winemakers, next up will be four Kosher wine festivals taking place around the world in the coming weeks, and finally, three festivals that are all about pinot noir Continue reading