French #RoseAllDay with Grilled Cheese Gourmet for #Winophiles

I don’t know about you, but this has certainly been a summer for #ROSEALLDAY around here!

  1. We’ve had a massive heat wave in SoCal– rose is cool and refreshing.
  2. We’ve loved rose with so many foods because both “white wine foods” and red wine foods” can go with it.
  3. We’ve been buying up every rose we find.
  4. We’ve received samples of rose from France and other parts of the globe.
  5. In June for Rose Day, we wrote about six from California– lots of great info about rose in this post!
  6. Also in June for International Rose Day, we wrote about four from Provence, France paired with seafood pasta.
  7. Early in July, we wrote about Chiaretto, a rose from northern Italy paired with gourmet mini-pizzas.
  8. Today we’re writing about four more Rose from various regions in France.
  9. Believe it or not, there’s another Rose Day scheduled for August 14! We have more rose from Spain, Italy, and South Africa for that day!

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