broken wrist + wine: a tweeted tale

So I must apologize for my absence here on Wine Predator. You see, I broke my wrist. My left wrist. At Thanksgiving. At a parking lot at Mammoth Mountain. I slipped on some black ice in my ski boots and went down HARD.

Which meant that during the final three weeks of the semester at Ventura College and three weeks of winter break I had a broken wrist.

Which meant that I couldn’t even open a bottle of wine. Unless it had a screwtop. And fortunately for me, I had a few from Tercero to enjoy, like this grenache on Dec. 21 for winter solstice:

Which meant that while I could lift a wine glass with my right arm, and get people to help with notes, and participate in plenty of twitter tastings, actually getting a blog post put together was a little challenging. You see, the cast and the nature of the break made it so I couldn’t use the fingers on my left hand. For almost eight weeks. Once the cast came off, it took awhile to get the fingers to work again. And school started, and I had a birthday, and I got sick… Just a few challenges. But finally my doc gave me the okay to take the brace off and I am starting to get the strength and flexibility back in my hand…and then we went to a cabin for a weekend with no internet!

Which means it’s finally time to open the flood gates and turn into blog posts the notes that Que Syrah Sue and Pineapple Helen and a few others took during tastings these past few weeks.

With Valentine’s Day coming up it seems like an ideal time to get to some cava, champagne, and other sparkling wine posts as well as one about PS I Love You’s event in Paso Robles Saturday Feb. 6 (with a review of two Petite Sirahs –one from Cantara Cellars in nearby Camarillo, CA using Lodi fruit and another from Back Patio Cellars with Paso fruit).

During these past few weeks from Thanksgiving to Chinese New Year, I’ve been fortunate to taste a number of incredible Italian wines, white, red, rose, and sparkling that I’m very excited about and want to share with you here!

Many of these came my way via #WineStudio, an online tasting and education event hosted by Protocol Wine that takes place on twitter most Tuesdays from 6-7pm. Coming up on #WineStudio in February we will be tasting wines from Santa Barbara County so I’ll be writing about those too.

So here are a few of the wines I’ve been enjoying without you and many of which I will be blogging about soon:

Dec. 4 Cabernet Franc Day — BV Tapestry 2008

Dec 10 Frescobaldi twitter tasting with winemaker Lamberto Frescobaldi (samples)

Dec. 15 Segura Vida Cava (samples)

Dec. 15 Lambrusco with Paul Cullen on #winestudio (sample)

Dec. 26 Smith-Madrone Cabernet Sauvignon (sample)

Jan. 8 Treana Red Tasting (sample)

Jan. 11 Thorne Pinot Noir at Cafe Zack birthday dinner

Jan. 18 Flowers 2008 Chardonnay

Jan. 26 2012 Montefalco Romanelli (sample) #winestudio

Jan. 26 Germano Angelo 2010 (sample) #winestudio

Jan. 27 2007 Thompson Vineyard Syrah The Ojai Vineyard

While I may have broken my wrist, at least I didn’t break any wine!

PS Please note that links to the wineries can be found on their twitter pages. Just click the @winerynamehere in the tweet embedded above, then click on the link to the winery’s site.

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