Rodney Strong: A Blending Party

rodney-strong-estate-knotty-vines-zinfandel_1On Wednesday, August 14, a select group of Southern California social media influencers will participate in a blending party, er, class at the Pierpont Inn in Ventura.

UPDATE 8/14/21 We will be using the hashtag #RSVSYM for tweets related to the blending class.

Robert Larsen from Rodney Strong will be leading the class as he did in Houston with Vine Sleuth Amy Anderson and pals , and in San Francisco with Thea Dwelle of Luscious Lushes and crew.

So it’s quite a thrill to have this kind of an event come to little old Ventura! It took a little convincing, but Robert was my seatmate on the long hot drive from Lake Chelan to the Okanagan on the WBC13 preconference trip while we had lunch and Veranda Beach Cellars wine (with an especially yummy riesling!) so I had plenty of time to do it!

I, the Wine Predator plus Annie AnyDay and Marshall MoneyBags will be joined by a really diverse group of fun wine, food, literary, and other kinds of writers and social media users including:

Some people know a lot about wine while others are eager to learn more. Regardless of our backgrounds and experiences with wine, we will all come away from this evening with a better understanding of what’s involved when it comes to blending a wine.

For example, even though a wine may say on the bottle “cabernet sauvignon” and be from a particular growing area and one year, there are many variables and factors that have an impact on the finished wine in your glass. For example, the kind of oak that was used, how much the oak was “toasted,” whether the barrels are new or old, and even different blocks in the vineyard can make each barrel taste a little or a LOT different. In my opinion, a big component of making a wine is the blending to make the final product that goes in our glasses.

At the Petite Sirah Symposium in 2011, I had an opportunity to taste different petite sirahs where everything was the same except for the kinds of  oak; that was a really fascinating look at how oak changes a wine.

And I am not afraid to blend open bottles of wine at home–especially if one is too flabby or fruity and another too lean, or to blend to make a wine that works better with what we are eating!

To be able to taste different wines and be able to blend them and see how the process works is super exciting to me. And then afterward, we will have dinner at the Pierpont and try “our” wines with food!

On Wednesday, August 14, you can follow the fun on twitter. Many of our twitter handles are listed above. Or follow me, @ArtPredator. I’m not sure what our hashtag will be yet but it should be pretty easy to find us. We’ll be starting sometime after 5pm.

To get in the mood, when my husband recently brought home a beautiful steak to grill, I opened a bottle of Rodney Strong’s 2009 “Alexander’s Crown” which Robert gave to me to sample at the 2011 Wine Blogger’s in Portland when I didn’t get to try it during the red wine speed tasting. My notes on that are coming up in the next post!

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