Are Yoga & Wine Compatible?

Is the practice of doing yoga compatible with drinking wine?

Yes! As long as it is done sequentially–yoga first, wine second!

I started doing yoga before I was old enough to drink wine, however, I was more consistent with my wine drinking than I was with my yoga! That is, until a rock climbing accident in my early 30s where my regular practice of yoga reduced my pain significantly (well, wine helped too…). In my late 30s, I did yoga teacher training with Erich Schiffmann in Santa Barbara, then when I was in my early 40s and pregnant with my son, I did Iyengar style teacher training with Bryan Legere in Ventura. And while I didn’t drink wine (or any other alcoholic beverages) while I was pregnant or breastfeeding), I am here to say that drinking and appreciating wine and being a yogini are compatible!

However, that does not mean that I would advise you to drink WHILE doing yoga–like the yogini in the video.

Definitely don’t drink BEFORE doing yoga.

Twists, forward folds, backbends, and inversions with even a little bit of alcohol in you will make you regret it. In fact, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything  30 minutes before yoga lest you twist or squeeze it right out of you. Just think of your body like a bottle–if you turn it upside down, squeeze it or twist it, something is likely to come out, yes?

AND you should wait at least 30 minutes after doing yoga before drinking alcohol–or eating or drinking anything else. You want to give your internal organs a chance to recover first. Drink some water first.

And certainly you should never drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself.

Because that’s just being selfish!

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