Wine Blogging Weds News: A “Sparkling” Round Up & “Singles Night” Announced

Tim Elliott of Winecast hosted last month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday #74 and posted his round-up earlier this week. In it, he notes that 19 bloggers participated tasting 39 wines in 8 countries. The least expensive wine was Albero’s Brut Cava ($8 at Trader Joes and at that price a favorite for me too that I almost tasted for this prompt!) and the most expensive sparkler was $22.50 – 8th Generation “Confidence” 2010. So go check it out!

Wine Blogging Wednesday #75 host Joe Roberts aka 1 Wine Dude and Playboy’s new wine dude suggests we have a “Singles Night”: “One of the most special aspects of wine is that I can connect you with a particular time (a vintage) and a particular place on earth (a vineyard). Few other foodstuffs can offer such magic.”

If you want to join us, here’s how to play according to Joe’s prompt on 1 Wine Dude:

  • Your mission is to procure a wine produced from grapes grown in a single vineyard, and tell the world about it on March 21st.
  • You can pick any wine style, made from any grape(s), hailing from any region of the world – go nuts, go obscure, go fun and wow us all with your smarties.
  • The only catch is that the wine’s grapes should come from a single vineyard. And look, we’re not nazis on this… so if you come close and get a wine made from two or three vineyard parcels, we’ll let it slide – the point is to get as close to a wine coming from one single plot of land as you can, to emphasize how what’s special about that place on Earth gets transmitted to you through that wine (yes… we’re talking terroirhere, people).On March 21st, leave a comment on 1WineDude.comor on the Wine Blogging Wednesday website, or on Facebook  or on  twitter using the hashtag #WBW75

As for me, right now I’m inclined to go local and do a single vineyard that’s in Ventura County. I’ve got a bottle of Ojai Vineyard’s Roll Ranch Syrah and I want to see if I can make a road trip up the hill to the vineyard for some spring photos. We haven’t had much rain this year around here but I am sure it will be beautiful.

In the meantime, this March I’m going to be discovering more about Lake County wines including the up and coming and very consciously “green” Shannon Ridge (speaking of which, they have a number of single vineyard varietals that might be fun for WBW #75!)

Then in April, I’ll be writing about Santa Barbara’s Zaca Mesa and wines you might to pair with your Easter dinner. I might even find time to get up there myself–it’s only about an hour drive from where I live.

So Happy Wine Wednesday! What will you be drinking tonight? We’re having one of my favorite dinners –seared tuna on a bed of fresh greens –which I love with silky Washington Merlot.

For tonight I have a 2008 Merlot from Buried Cane (part of Middleton Family Wines) which I found on sale for $3.50. The name refers to the Washington State wine country practice to protect grape vines from damaging cold by covering the low-growing vine canes with a mound of soil. “These buried canes can be unearthed after winter freezes pass, assuring a grape harvest in the following season,” they say. “The winery name Buried Cane is a tip-of-the-hat to our unique winegrowing home.”

This 90% merlot and 10% syrah blend is considered a value wine that usually retails for around $15; at $3.50 it’s a steal and I’m going back for more.  The wine is sealed with a easy opening screw cap and an easy mid-week wine alcohol % of 13.3. It has a nice rosy red color with a faint tinge of coral,  cherry and plum on the nose and palate plus some vanilla and cigar box. It’s mild with a nice finish and a hint of caramel.

5 thoughts on “Wine Blogging Weds News: A “Sparkling” Round Up & “Singles Night” Announced

  1. Hi Gwendolyn ~ What a *cool* premise!

    As it happens, at the International Alsace Varietals Festival last weekend in the Anderson Valley of Mendocino, during the Technical Conference (enough prepositional phrases for ya?), there was a really eye-opening New Zealand Riesling tasting.

    Twelve winemakers were given identical lots of Riesling grapes, from an excellent site, and were asked to make *their* best wine from them. And contrary to every notion of terroir I’ve ever encountered, *the 12 wines tasted amazingly different from one another!* Some were bone-dry; some were noticeably sweet. And my scores ranged from 85 to 96.

    At any rate, maybe I’ll include this info for the March 21 project, in addition to a writeup of one or more local single-vineyard wines…



  2. What a wonderful tasting opportunity, Rosina! There are so many variables in wine–one fo the reasons why it fascinates so many of us! I look forward to checking out your blog post on the topic! And I’m so happy you will be joining us for Wine Blogging Weds #75! (Hmmn, maybe you can get on the “books” for Wine Blogging Weds in August–maybe a prompt about what’s your fav wine and food pairing? or most memorable one?)


  3. Gwendolyn, we’re huge fans of Shannon Ridge. Huge! If you want to know what other wineries we really like in Lake County, check out our summary here:

    We may be writing something for the WBW 75. I’m thinking we may talk about Cabernet Sauvignon from Danielle Cyrot at St. Clement.


  4. A singles night with wine? Sign me up! What is even better is a single girl day out wine tasting. Now that is a good time, having a good time with your friends and there is no pressure! I’ve done this a few times with my friends in Santa Barbara and we had a great time in the process! We’ve had a few follow up trips and they were all a success! I plan on doing it again sometime soon, though were not all single still it is still a great time.


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