International Food Bloggers Conference 2011: Highlights from Santa Monica

Here’s a quick rundown of highlights from my whirl wind experience at the International Food Bloggers Conference in Santa Monica November 11-13, 2011 including details from our Food Truck lunch and the dinner prepared by Chef Michael Moore from Sydney and wines from Temecula.

First, I missed out on November 11 because of my son’s birthday party. I heard dinner was a blast and that folks enjoyed wandering around with their food tickets.

On Saturday, we arrived and got checked into the hotel–the DoubleTree with its warm chocolate chip cookies, suites and for many of us, views of the Pacific on this gray, rainy, cold, fall day.

We were just in time for a food truck lunch held over at nearby SaMo High School by some picnic tables. The trucks were lined up and offered a limited but delightfully varied and tasty menu. My son, the birthday boy, was over the moon about the grilled cheese sandwiches: one half was plain and simple, but the other half was mac n cheese with rib meat. Wow. No wonder my husband had been trying to track The Grilled Cheese Truck down for awhile!

I couldn’t tell you which was food from which truck was my favorite. Honestly. I can be really tough to please but it was all so good and so nice AND they were all willing to take the onions off!  (Onions destroy my palate and I was going to be tasting wines later). Perhaps what was most memorable was the super fresh ginger in the peanut sauce from the Chomp Chomp Truck.

We also fell in love with the Voss water that was served. While I certainly would have enjoyed experimenting with wines with these foods, the Voss water in the glass bottles has such a classy presentation, and was of such high quality that I wasn’t tooooo disappointed. I usually don;t go for “water with gas” as they call it in Europe but this time I did because it went better with the rich food than a still water.

Here’s a few of my tweets with links to photos of Food Truck Heaven: Continue reading