Champagne Day 2011 Arrives Tonight!

Dear Champagne and Oyster lovers,

Which Champagne will be the best with which type of oyster? Find out tomorrow at International Champagne Day!

The Jolly Oyster and I invite you to celebrate with us at Ventura State Beach where we will be toasting our local parks and beaches–as well as the fabulous foamy drink we call Champagne and the delicate briny succulent delicacy we call oysters. The event and parking during the event from 3-6pm is FREE.  (Champagne and oyster photo from The Jolly Oyster facebook page).

Learn from experts about Champagne, oysters, clams, our local marine ecosystems and more! Proceeds from sales of oysters and clams will go to Save McGrath State Beach:

While sparkling wine is fine (and thanks to Barefoot Bubbly we will have samples of five bubbling varietals of that beach ready, beach saving California wine!), you can find real Champagne at the locally owned Wine Rack, Ventura Wine Co, and Paradise Pantry. Also, all wines are 30% off right now at Vons; Vons on Harbor and Seaward will chill Champagne for you to pick up: call manager April at 805/223-3616.

Can’t make it to the beach in Ventura to join us? Here’s a link to find a Champagne Day event near you:

Or follow Champagne Day at home! You can take oysters and clams to go and you can check out the hashtag #champagneday on twitter to see what people are tasting and talking about.

best, gwendolyn aka Wine Predator
co-host Champagne Day 2011!/ArtPredator

2 thoughts on “Champagne Day 2011 Arrives Tonight!

  1. Not so easy to find real Champagne in PA that it is also affordable (if the state does not import it and prices it right than you are just out of luck). Not to mention a Champagne Day event
    – but I do like the idea . I always associated drinking it (or at least some sort of bubbly) in order to celebrate a special event. Now we can drink Champagne to celebrate the fact that we can drink Champagne to celebrate.


  2. Yes, I can imagine! There are a number of really good Champagnes in the $20-30 range –on sale! But my favorites are in the special occasion price range–$35 and up…

    While not Champagne with a capital C, there are some wonderful French Cremants (check the Planet Bordeaux website) as well as many fabulous California sparkling wines–many made and owned by the French.

    Let us know what you find!


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