Where Did Wine Predator Go?

After putting up 18 posts in a half dozen days during the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla Washington, I returned to my summer job: teaching two sections of a 5 unit college composition class. It’s got me working 50-60 hours every week, teaching one class 12 hours a week during the day and the second class 12 hours a week at night. I barely have a chance to open a bottle of wine much less blog about it!

I did, however, get one of my goody boxes thanks to my WBC roommate Erika Szymanski. I got so much good stuff at the Wine Bloggers Conference–books and other materials–that I couldn’t get it all home! So she packed up all the paper products and corkscrews etc and shipped it to me for $15. There’s a few bottles of wine and a bottle of beer too that she’ll send me when it seems like the weather cools down enough.

So I’ve carefully put it into a box with my other materials from previous wine blogging excursions and expeditions including the previous wine blogging conferences (four!) and will get to it as soon as I get through this stack of midterms. Or maybe next week’s research papers. Or…

Too many writing ideas and too little time! Putting it away sure made me itchy to get writing!

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