May 2010 Wine Blogging Wednesday #69: The Dog Strangler Grape

The Passionate Foodie Pronounces the theme for the next Wine Blogging Wednesday as “Animal Cruelty”.

That’s right, for the 69th edition Wine Blogging Wednesday we will be drinking and writing about wines made with the “dog-strangler” grape aka Mourvedre, Monastrell or Mataro (or possibly 30 other names!).

I didn’t know until I read his post that “in southern France, this grape is sometimes known as Estrangle-Chien (which translates as “dog strangler”), because of its big tannins.”

I do know that no matter what you or he might call this grape, I call it one of my favorites. And that everyone that I have talked to about it calls it monstrously hard to grow because of a few perculiarities to the varietal and that it ripens so late. Continue reading