Chateau Ste Michelle 2008 Chardonnay & Roast Chicken–Yum!

So far so good in the Washington wine department: I’ve been able to find a number of wines at my local grocery store for around $10 on sale that I can enjoy on a weeknight with dinner, I’m well on my way to Washington itself because I won a Wine Bloggers Scholarship, and here’s another post to hopefuly earn me a spot on the WBC-or-Bust bus! I’ve also found a few at my favorite wine specialty store, Ventura Wine Company, ranging in price from $25-$5. I even found one Washington Merlot at Big Lots for $3!

The other day when I found whole chickens on sale for 50%, it was a no-brainer to stroll to the liquor department and pick up a bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle 2008 Chardonnay. We rubbed the chicken with rosemary, sage and lemon from our yard along with some salt and pepper, stuck a can of beer up its butt, and baked it on the grill. So tender, rich and moist–and the perfect match for the Chateau Ste Michelle chardonnay. The nose at first is full of tropical fruits then settles down with some nice buttery oak. The wine also was nice with the sides of basmati rice and artichokes from our garden with an olive oil mayo.

I know: artichoke and wine? what wine goes with artichokes? I swear that inexpensive oaked chardonnays with enough character match well with artichokes and mayo!  A favorite appetizer for us is artichokes, mayo and small salad shrimp–awesome on a campout with a chilled chard before dinner–and the Chateau Ste Michelle is so right on for this that I’m going to bring a bottle on our camping trip this weekend to have with the artichokes we already steamed and plan to bring to share with our group tonight!

Stay tuned! When I come back, I’ll post about the Hogue 2006 Cab we’re bringing to have with our NY York steaks! (Thanks, Tim, for the recommendation!)

PS The following day I made myself a chicken salad with the leftovers along with a pear/ginger viniagrette. Yummy! The wine was starting to lose some of its richness but it still had good flavor and certainly hadn’t turned. People are often afraid to keep a white wine too long, but a night or two for this one, and you’re good to go.

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