Green Drinks & Wine Blogging Wednesday #63 Prompt: Find Your Muse

wbw-newTonight, Wednesday November 11, from 5:30-7:30pm Green Drinks Ventura County will be held at Wine Essentials, 2390 Las Posas, Camarillo. It’s a free networking gathering for folks in green lines of business and activism.

In his prompt for the next Wine Blogging Wednesday, #63, Rob Bralow of Wine Post suggests: Find Your Muse. Here’s his guidelines for the November edition to be posted NEXT Wednesday, Nov. 18:

  • Choose a wine you know well and have enjoyed many times, but perhaps have not had the time or the motivation to write about OR a wine you have seen in your wine shop that you have been meaning to try.
  • Time how long you enjoy the wine. Round numbers are more than acceptable but exact numbers get extra points.
  • Take twice that amount of time to write your blog post. Use the time to find out something you might not have known about the wine and to edit your writing. A wise man once told me that there is no good writing, only good rewriting.
  • NO SAMPLES! Too often the wines written about are out of convenience rather than genuine interest. Make this one of the wines that you decided to purchase.
  • Last but not least, give your writing some flare. Use a style that will challenge you. Be creative and enjoy writing for the sake of the words. Be picky about which words you use. Think about the rhythm and the rhyme. Poetic phrase will be rewarded.

Writes Rob, “My coach always told me that the simplest tasks can sometimes be the most difficult. There is a lot of room to maneuver in this challenge, but do not make the mistake of waiting until the last week to begin writing. You may find yourself running out of time.”

Send submission by e-mail to Rob by Weds. November 18.

Rob’s prompt seems to be pointed at the myriad wine bloggers who get free samples from wineries, drink them quickly, and post a quick response that would fit into the 140 character limitations on twitter. Hmmn. Time how long I enjoy the wine then take twice that much time? Sometimes I taste a wine for a week or more. I hate to admit how much time I take to write some of my posts. I am a poet. If I didn’t enjoy writing for the sake of the words, I wouldn’t be here.  I always try to write with flair, with imagination, with heart and meaning. I do admit however that I usually do the prompt the night before.

Now choosing a wine that prompts my muse: that I can get into! Too bad I have already enjoyed all my bottles of RBJ Theologicum…but I am sure I will find something in my cellar to break out for the occasion. Or maybe I’ll be able to find some wine from Portugal. The muse sure inspired me there on my recent trip sponsored by Enoforum Wines!

What will you do for Wine Blogging Wednesday? Let us know over here also!

PS Hey Lenn, how about letting me host it one month sometime soon? Let’s do wines of Portugal–even better, wines of the Alentejo! I know some good ones!

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