Grateful Palate Warehouse Sale 6/7/08

The Grateful Palate sale Sat. 6/7/08: GO

Yes you should, you should go to the Grateful Palate Warehouse Sale Saturday June 7 from 9am-5pm! (ok within reason–if you live within 100 miles of the warehouse in Oxnard CA and the weather should be fabulous so stop there on the way to the beach in Ventucky or your estate in Montecito or the Santa Barbara Riviera!)

I have participated in the previous 2 Grateful Palate warehouse extravaganzas and I have only one regret–that I didn’t commit to spending more MOOLAH!.

That’s right, you should indeed spend all of that Bush rebate here, at the Grateful Palate warehouse sale–the wines are incredibly priced and delicious! These primarily Australian beauties will release you from all your Bush woes. I will not reveal the name of the 2001 grenache moutverde blend which I am hoping to buy all the rest of…at 9.99 this is the epitomy of the red wine I desire when I desire red wine (which is often). I am going to invest in a case of Marquis Philips Holly’s blend at $2.99 (which should be called Holy Blend at that price I swear!)

And Jonesy Port!! While I can get that local, not at that price! Now usually you think of port as a winter wine but I tell you, on ice it is NICE!! (I think I will have one now that I think of it!)

Best bet–the guys who own and run the company actually work the sale so ask them to help you choose a case of wine within your budget–relax and listen to the tales and trust that you will end up with the best case of wine for the money you will ever know. Plus you will have a great time–these guys have a fun, smart sense of humour!

I haven’t even mentioned the bacon…umm yep have to admit that the Art Predator is omnivorous and does eat bacon and will eat devour munch on the premium bacon offered by Grateful Palate. Oohhh on the grill wrapped around scallops that’s what I want! I wonder if they have any more of that virgin chardonnay I picked up last sale???

All I can say is, stay out of my way!

Find The Grateful Palate off the 101 at 701 Del Norte BLVD between Camarillo’s Central (stop there for McGrath Farms organic produce stand) and Oxnard’s Rose/Rice offramps. It’s toward the sea and watch for signs. For more info, go to the

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