2017 Aldo Clerico Barbera D’ Alba with Anchovies, Pizza, Sausage Orecchiette #ItalianFWT

Aldo Clerico Barbera d’Alba imported into the US by Verovinogusto

Do you know Barbera?
If you do, you already know about this high acid low tannin, full bodied, intensely colored and flavored red wine that in 2000 was the third most planted grape in Italy!
And if you don’t know Barbera yet — or very well — you’re in luck because this month here at Wine Predator we’re hosting the Italian Food Wine Travel group for “It’s All About Barbera.” Read the invitation post here with a California Barbera in “5 Reasons Why We Love Barbera“ and the Preview post here with an organic Tomisa Barbera.  Scroll down to see the titles and links to the ten participants as well as the prompts for the 8am May 1 twitter chat. 


Aldo Clerico Barolo

Research suggests that Barbera is related to Mourvedre and that Barbera began in the hills of Monferrato in central Piemonte, Italy, where leasing documents from 1246 and 1277 describe vineyards planted in Barbera. It has spread from Northern Italy south as well as traveling with immigrants around the world where it has found some success as we discuss here.  However, Barbera dominates the grape vine plantings in Piedmont where the earlier-ripening grape grows on secondary locations to the prized and more finicky Nebbiolo.
Our wine for today is a 2017 Aldo Clerico Barbera D’ Alba DOC.
According to Verovino importer Sheila Donahue, Alba is one of the best areas for Barbera, and winemaker Aldo Clerico grew up his family’s vineyards in Monforte d’Alba. He studied accounting in college and worked in the field but in 2004 he had an epiphany: he wanted to join the family business growing grapes — and he wanted to make wine. Because of family demands, he plans to ‘stay small’ and only make 40,000 bottles / year. More about the wine below.
So what did we pair with 2017 Aldo Clerico Barbera D’ Alba DOC.
  • Bagna Cauda (anchovy garlic butter)
  • Ceasar Salad  
  • Spring Foliage Focaccia 
  • Mini pizzas
  • Chicken Sausage Marinara with Orecchiette 
Sue’s Gourmet Mini Pizzas List of Ingredients 
  1.  She used a bit of brie and creamy blue for a base topped that with mozzarella, mushrooms, proscuitto and fresh garlic.
  2. Pesto base with mozzarella, olives, mushroom, sun dried tomato crumbled feta
  3. Pesto base with fresh mozzarella spicy and regular salami and olives
  4. Red sauce base with meats
  5. Red sauce base with fresh mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, fresh oregano
  6. The others were pizza sauce base and had three or more of the following toppings
  • Mushroom
  • Kalamata olives
  • Green olives
  • Spicy salami
  • Regular salami
  • Proucitto
  • Sundried tomato
  • Anchovy wrapped capers
  • Chopped garlic
  • Fresh oregano and rosemary
Even though they were mini-pizzas there was plenty of leftovers because there was a lot of food! 

Aldo Clerico Barbera d’Alba

2017 Aldo Clerico Barbera D’ Alba DOC 
ABV 15%
SRP $25

According to the importer Sheila Donahue of Verovino Monforte d’ Alba is  located in the mountains. The Paramount mountain is in the same range as they are located.

The moon on the label represents the influence of the moon on the river, the plains, the mountains and the sky. 

While not certified, they work in harmony with the land, using organic methods and natural winemaking practices.

The wine is aged in 14-16 month new and used oak.

This is the last bottle in the United States and we were able to enjoy it this evening, and I nursed it for a few days! 

Color: Medium density, pretty color, ruby with a fushia rim. 

Nose: Herbs, plums, cherry, ricola, sassafras, watermelon, menthol, nice earthen notes. 

Palate: Clean, bright and acidic, cherry, eucalyptus, anise, anise seed resonates on the finish. Dusty earth, the tannins are present on the finish. There is a bit of spiciness on the back of the palate, baking spice, red pepper flakes. 

Pairing: We have never tried the Bagna Cauda ever before but found it to be so amazing with this wine. We also put some anchovy wrapped capers on top of the pizza. While I loved it, others found it to be a bit too strong of a flavor. However, I decided to dip my pizza into the Bagna Cauda and want this for the rest of my life with my pizza! 

Visit the producer’s site.

Visit the US importer and distributer’s site.

Learn more about Barbera from other Italian Food Wine Travel participants::

You’re invited to check out our chat! We will be live from 8-9am Pacific on May 1 talking about the following and using the hashtag #ItalianFWT: 

Please join our chat on Saturday at 8am Pacific by following the hashtag #ItalianFWT.

  1. 8am Welcome to the #ItalianFWT chat “It’s All About Barbera.” Introduce yourself please! Where are your tweeting from? Share a link to your website! 
  2. 805a Is Italian #Barbera familiar or new to you? Share a link if you’ve written about it before or tell us about a favorite one from Italy or elsewhere in the world. #ItalianFWT
  3. 810a According to UCLA’s recent research, #organic and #biodynamic certified wines taste better and score higher. Tell us about your #Barbera. Is it organic, biodynamic or certified? #ItalianFWT https://winepredator.com/2021/02/09/ucla-research-organic-biodynamic-wines-score-higher/
  4. 815a While Barbera may be the third most planted wine grape in Italy, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find this high acid, low tannin food friendly wine. How did you find your wine? Do you have a favorite region, producer or importer for Barbera?  #ItalianFWT
  5. 820a Tell us more about the Barbera you are featuring this month. Pictures? Link? #ItalianFWT 
  6. 825a Did you write about more than one Barbera? If so, tell us about it! Pictures? Link? #ItalianFWT
  7. 830a How did your pair your Barbera? What was your inspiration? Did you do a traditional Italian or regional pairing?  Link? Pictures? #ItalianFWT
  8. 835a How was your #Barbera pairing? Successful? What do you recommend to pair with this high acid low tannin Italian red wine?#ItalianFWT
  9. 840a Did you learn anything interesting about the history of Barbera?  #ItalianFWT
  10. 845a What did you learn about where your Barbera is from– the region or the producer?  #ItalianFWT
  11. 850a Have you visited Italy and tasted Barbera? Or do you have a favorite region, wine, grape, or winery for Barbera? #ItalianFWT
  12. 855a Shout out to participants #ItalianFWT “It’s All About #Barbera” @Vignetocomm @VinoTravels21 @WendyKlik @Culinary_Cam @GrapeExp_Cindy @LemieuxAndrea @linda_lbwcsw @sommstable @tsteffes and host @ArtPredator >> details https://wp.me/pj3XZ-7xj

    9am Thank you for joining the #ItalianFWT chat “It’s All About Barbera!” with host @artpredator. Join us next month on the first Saturday in June when host Susannah Gold @Vignetocomm leads us in a joyous journey into that fizzy fun red #Lambrusco! 

13 thoughts on “2017 Aldo Clerico Barbera D’ Alba with Anchovies, Pizza, Sausage Orecchiette #ItalianFWT

  1. I love that you pulled out sassafras on the nose. It’s a note I fell out of using because I find that not even all the Americans I’m acquainted with know what it is. My siblings and I used to chew on it when we were kids!

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  2. This array of pizzas sound amazing and Barbera is one of my very favorite pizza wines. I’ll have to be on the look out for this one from Aldo Clerico as it is new to me! Thanks for hosting — it’s great to see Barbera get some love.

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