Napa’s Flora Springs: 2015 Trilogy, 2018 Soliloquy, 2020 New Release Party 2/1, and Komes Ranch Sale

Flagship wines from Flora Springs with a special dinner of filet mignon, cracked crab, and ceasar salad

This Saturday, February 1, is the annual Flora Springs “Trilogy” release party where guests experience the generous hospitality of Flora Springs when they pull out all the stops to celebrate the newest vintage of Trilogy, the 2017. Along with wine, enjoy food, live music and dancing from 11 am – 2 pm at The Estate located at 1978 West Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena.

But with the sale of the Komes Ranch, how much will change at Flora Springs? Will there be more Trilogy? What about Soliloquy, their flagship white wine? 


Fans of the flagship wines of Flora Springs “Trilogy” and “Soliloquy” — no need to fear! They plan to keep producing them– and I am sure stay true to the words of Flora:

“Love the land and it will love you back.” – Flora Komes

According to the Napa Valley Register, “The sale included the Komes ranch, 58 acres of vines, the winery and office buildings, tasting room and a home on the property… The family will retain the Flora Springs brand and continue to make the winery’s flagship labels, Trilogy and Soliloquy.” The sources for these two wines remain in place, as will the current winemakers, the grown grandchildren of the founders as the Komes and Garvey families retained 200 acres of vineyards where they get the grapes for Flora Springs’ most popular wines, Trilogy and Soliloquy. John Komes told Wine Spectator and his son, Nat, will continue their label John Nathaniel Wines in a  new winery built behind his house; we wrote about one of these wines here.  I may be wrong, but I am confident will continue to work organically and sustainably to build the soil and maintain the ecosystem. 

Wine Spectator also reports that American- born Ben Morken, who trained with new owners of Smith-Haut-Lafitte in Bordeaux, will be the winemaker for the new project. Let’s hope they continue the strong work in sustainability began by the Komes and Garvey families.


2018 Soliloquy pairs well with cesar salad and cracked crab as well as a squash bisque with crab and a California roll.

2018  Flora Springs “Soliloquy” White Wine Napa Valley  14.2% alcohol SRP $50
620 cases; blend: 44% Sauvignon Blanc, 41% Chardonnay, 10% Malvasia, 5% Pinot Gris
Sample for my review consideration.

They have an estate Sauvignon Blanc clone located at their Napa Valley vineyard which they have preserved access to so they can continue to make this special wine.

Color: Pale yellow

Nose:  Gooseberries, Ocean, apple, Sue felt it smelled like smelling on the jeddy rocks on the beach. sea and ocean moss or green.

Palate:  Clean, minerals, the mouthfeel is glycerol and mouthwatering. Slate, silt and clay, algae notes come across as well. Very nice and crisp

Pairing:  Really incredible with ceasar salad. Honestly, I love Sauvignon Blanc with ceasar salad, but I really loved it with the Soliloquy. We had a bit of egg salad on crackers topped with caviar, and it really loved the salt in the caviar. I think it would have been fabulous with chopped up olives in the egg salad. It is unusual that we did not have any oysters to pair with it, but that would also be fantastic. Really nice with a California roll. We liked it with the olive which reminded us of tapenade. Great with cured meats, salami, speck, proccitto, bring it on with this wine. There was a Marco Polo cheddar from Beecher that was so fantastic with the wine. Soliloquy really loves peppercorns. At $50 this is a special occasion, food friendly wine, great with the cracked crab and baked potato.

Think: special meal, special occasion, special wine. Can you say KING CRAB?

2015  Flora Springs “Trilogy” Red blend 14.2% alcohol SRP $85
5400 cases; 82% Cab Sauv 10% Malbec, 10% Petite Verdot
2017: 5500 cases; 80% Cab Sauv 17% Petite Verdot, 3% Malbec
Sample for my review consideration.

Delicious in a Rhone glass, but better in a Bordeaux glass

Color:  You can’t see through it. Inky black, midnight, with a deep burgundy rim, with a touch of brown

Nose:  Tobacco, leather, cherry cola, licorice and menthol, iris,

Palate:  Enjoyable and assessable, chalk, eucptylus, really velvety tannins, the tannins at the front of the palate are super dry, but mid palate they are like velvet, super smooth, long lasting finish. There is also a toffee mocha on the finish, reminding me of almond rocca, carmel, toasted nuts and chocolate. The fruit is cherry, like a cherry cordial.

This is an example of why people like a Napa Cab, but by bringing in the other grapes, there is an addition of blue fruit and color.

Pairing: Sue has loves to fry cured meat, and fried salami is amazing with the wine, while the salami that had not been fried was just alright. Trilogy did not like the smoked speck so don’t pair it with meat that has been smoked — only grilled! It worked with the olives so serve it with a tapenade. It went so well with the filet mignon. It was a masterful pairing, so much so that I had Marshall hold the blue cheese. We also tried this wine with some polenta and shrimp, as well as a shrimp crab bisque, and it did not disappoint. In fact, it was fantastic showing just how versatile and food friendly this wine is.


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