Say YAY Rosé: 3 From France Paired With Gourmet Grilled Cheese Bites

Do you say YAY to Rosé?

While I’m a big fan, I’m not sure whether we really NEED three different days to celebrate Rosé. But for those of us who love the pink drink, we’re always happy to pop open a bottle!  Or two or three!

Rose Day #1: Earlier this month, we toasted Rosé with four grown, made, and sold locally here in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties for Rosé Day held on the second Saturday of June.

Rose Day #2 is International Rose Day and it occurs on the fourth Friday of June which is TOMORROW.

Rose Day #3 is August 14.

So for International Rosé Day, held yearly on the fourth Friday of June aka tomorrow June 28, we are going with three from France. This International event invites you to gaze deeply into the fresh colors of the rosé of Saint-Tropez in bandol, from Monaco to Geneva, from Paris to New York, from Miami to Rio de Janeiro, from Moscow to Hong-Kong. Check out their Facebook page for events: #RoséDay

For our celebration, we chose two still and one sparkling Rosé and we didn’t stick with Provence (although we did last year which you can read about here!)  Instead, we have a sparkling rose from Champagne in northern France, and two still wines from Southern France:

  • 2018 – Studio Rosé by Miraval – 13% alcohol – $18
  • 2018 – Fleurs de Prairie Rosé – 12.5% alcohol – SRP $18
  • Champagne Delamotte – Rose – 12% alcohol – SRP $92

With our varied experiences with Rosé , Sue went to the store and found some unusual cheeses to create these gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to pair with the wines along with a green salad with berries as well as oysters.

Yes we love our grilled cheese! And it is so fun to pair with Rosé !

Gourmet Grilled Cheese:
here’s just a few that Sue created! 

  • smoked gouda and ham
  • garlic and herbed jack with fresh tomato and basil, and fried salami
  • sauteed mushroom telagio cheese and pre-cooked asparagus
  • truffle gouda and sautéed mushroom
  • siracha gouda with fresh mango and ham

Grilled cheese pairs so well with so many wines! And the range of flavors you can come up with is really fun. Sue gets super creative and for this pairing, she really outdid herself with a range of complex flavors.

To make gourmet grilled cheese,

  • gather a number of different cheeses from creamy to firm but not hard
  • use just about any kind of bread (and it doesn’t have to be fresh just good quality in order to hold up),
  • slather the bread with butter (on the outside for sure and n the inside is yummy too)
  • layer in the flavors between the slices
  • slice and serve them into small bites so you can try several without getting too full!

You can prepare them in advance for a party and then spend a few minutes grilling them and cutting them up.

If these combos sound a little wild to you, earlier this month we also tasted and wrote about a Bordeaux, Chenin, and a Loire rose paired with gourmet grilled French cheese. 

Or check out these French rose and grilled cheese options.

Yes we do love our gourmet grilled cheese!

Champagne Delamotte – Rosé  – 12% alcohol – SRP $92
We are grateful to Vineyard Brands for sending us this sample for our review consideration.

So you wouldn’t usually pair an expensive bottle of Champagne with grilled cheese. But why not? Champagne is a great food wine.

Color: Bubbles are very profuse when first poured into the glass, settling down to delicate persistent bubbles that rise up through the center of the glass. The color is pale rose gold. The light reflects beautifully off of the wine in your glass. Platinum rim

Nose: Yeast, brioche right off the bat, after opening and brioche blows if it is reminisent of raspberry croissants. Fresh raspberry preserves on a warm croissant, After hanging out with the wine for a while, I picked up a bit of nutmeg

Palate: Perfectly balanced with fruit, acidity, tartness, and effervescence Fruit forward, but not sweet. There is raspberry up front and cherry on the back of the palate. The nutmeg also was evident on the palate.

Pairing: We remembered that the oysters were in the refrigerator after opening up this wine.

Not my favorite oyster wine with Pacific oysters, but with a Kumomoto oyster, it is over the top.  This is a beautiful and sexy pairing and fits in to a nice summer evening.

After that Sue wanted to go straight to the smoked gouda and ham sandwich and what an amazing pair it was. It was also perfect with the sautéed mushroom and telagio cheese sandwich,  making us believe that this is your perfect brunch wine. Pair it with a quiche and green salad, or a rich mushroom toast,  and you will be perfectly happy.

This wine overall was well worth the price. You do not have to pair a fantastic wine with a high end meal to make it fabulous. Some wines just work so well with so many foods, or are so incredibly drinkable on their own, that it makes it worth the investment.

2018 – Fleurs de Prairie Rosé – Provence 12.5% alcohol – SRP $18

Like so many other Rose from Provence, this wine comes beautifully packaged. We sampled this wine at cellar temperature.

Color: Very, very, very pale corral

Nose: Very floral perfumey nose, gardenias, and rose as well as violet. It is interesting, and draws your attention to continue smelling the wine.

Palate: Florals come through on the palate as well. It is grassy, there is acidity and mineralogy. Sue was reminded of sour grass. There is a nice roundness on the palate. The finish is not remarkable, yet inviting making you go back for another sip.

Pairing: Sue made a siracha gouda and mango grilled cheese that paired perfectly with this sandwich. It was too overwhelming to my palate, but Sue loved it. The fruit and the heat went so well with the floral perfume of the wine. On a completely different level, absolutely amazing with a smoked gouda and ham, telling us just how versatile this wine truly is.

This wine is very pleasing and easy to enjoy making for a perfect picnic at the beach kind of wine.

Gourmet grilled cheese is a great way to use up the cheeses from a cheese plate!

2018 – Studio Rosé by Miraval – 13% alcohol – $19
Sample for my review consideration provided by Vineyard Brands.

This blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Rolle, and Tibouren comes from the Méditerranée Indication Géographique Protégée. The name refers the Miraval recording studio which has hosted international artists such as Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and Sade. Beautiful bottle!

Color: Platinum rose, very pale and on the pink side.

Nose: Sue got a sense of the ocean, ocean breezes, very fresh. I thought of flowers that grow in the sand dunes, dune grasses. After having been opened for a while, I was able to pick up a bit of nectarine and tangerine, but was it because I had just sampled some ham????

Palate: There is not a lot of complexity to this wine. It is very clean. It is clean on the palate with nice acidity. It is a very refreshing wine. The effervescence of the wine did linger for a while, but we wondered if this was because it is a brand new wine and possibly a secondary fermentation in the bottle, or it was also newly received so is it just a bit of residual sugar.

Pairing: Sue tried this wine with the siracha gouda and mango sandwich and decided this was the perfect wine for a fish taco or a piece of fish with a mango salsa. I want the fish straight off the grill and a fresh mango salsa in a taco with this wine. It was not as great with the truffle cheeses and grilled mushroom., but it did work. Yummy oyster wine!

gourmet griled cheese bites with rose

experiment with various ingredients for your gourmet grilled cheese bites

All in all, as Sue stated “Sometimes I out do myself” Tonight was no exception. She felt she needed to rein herself in as to having too many combinations to wrap our head around, but at the same time, we enjoyed all of the amazing flavor profiles that it was at times heady and overwhelming but wonderful.

So Happy Rose Day 1, 2, and 3!

PS Learn more about how Rose is made here!


2 thoughts on “Say YAY Rosé: 3 From France Paired With Gourmet Grilled Cheese Bites

  1. It’s perhaps a bit of overkill to have three separate days. How about two: new world and old world rosé days?!? Although some (many) don’t know the difference between old and new world when it comes to wine it’s a chance for writers to educate audience. Regardless can hardly remember a time when we didn’t have some pink in the house or chilling in the fridge!


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