Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!!

A toast to you–my readers and especially my subscribers and followers–on this Valentine’s Day! Without you, I’d just be writing to myself–and it is so much more fun to write for someone else to enjoy!

This Valentine’s Day, I was surprised to receive a gorgeous pink bottle of The Crusher Rose of Pinot Noir,  a box of beautiful heart shaped LeBelge Truffles, and a letter of appreciation from Michael Wangbickler of Balzac Communications. Balzac often sends me wine samples (including The Crusher line-up last spring for a twitter tasting). This past November, Michael invited me to be on a panel with him and The Crusher winemaker to discuss wine and food pairing at the International Wine Bloggers Conference, an activity I really enjoyed. So a big thank you to Balzac Communications and to Mike!

Since I have to go teach writing at the college tonight, I will have to wait until I come home to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband and some bubbly. I better make a decision and put it in the fridge!I’ve got a few bottles around for this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday prompt on value sparklers. Look for that post tomorrow! (I know it won’t help you much for tonight!)

So–What are YOU drinking for Valentine’s Day?

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!!

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