Let’s All Go Zin: Nov. 19 is Global Zin Day

How do you plan to celebrate Global Zinfandel Day, Friday November 19, 2010 from midnight to midnight?

All you have to do is open a bottle of zin and enjoy it! I tell you, I am such a zin fan I’m ready to pop a cork at midnight and begin tweeting! (After all, I cut my wine “teeth” working at Ridge!)

If you want to get social, use the #Zinfandel hashtag to connect with other zin lovers on  Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, blogs, etc.  You can also search the hash tag on social sites to see what others are drinking and read what they’re saying allowing you to connect and chat with other Zin drinkers around the world.

But why not get social in person? Contact your favorite wine store or winery that appreciates good zin and see if they’re doing something. Or you can host your own event! Click here to Organize your own #Zinfandel get together

Or you can look for a meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Zinfandel

If you’re using twitter or are new to twitter, a fun way to engage and connect with other zin fans is to use HootSuite or Tweetdeck and set up a search column for #Zinfandel. This way you can keep up with other Zinfandel drinkers from around the globe.

What to enjoy while you’re drinking zinfandel? Barbeque anything is a natural choice–have you ever had zin with hot dogs? Yummy! (That’s what we had last weekend camping!) Personally, I think a good zin is one of the most versatile wines out there and goes well with just about everything–including Thanksgiving dinners! Zin is much better than pinot in my opinion because zin is robust enough to standup to all those complicated flavors.

Here are some other suggestions for what to pair with zin:



So what I am going to do for Global #Zinfandel Day? I’m not sure yet! I’ve got a Barossa Valley zin that Dan Phillips of the Grateful Palate recommended to me as well as zins from Eberle and Ridge. And of course there’s that Bianchi! Not sure what else might be hiding in the cellar…

I am hoping Global #Zinfandel Day will get me out to meet one of my facebook friends Chris Brown and taste her wines. Chris is co-owner of Cantara Cellars, a winery, tasting room, lounge and event space which opened to the public three years ago in nearby Camarillo (126 N. Wood Road, #104, Camarillo, CA  (805) 484-9600). Current production is 3,000 cases, and just the other day they were bottling their 09 Old Vin Zin from the Lodi AVA in magnums for weekend pick-up. They’re open Friday nights from 5-7:30pm and weekends 11-5pm.

I’ll let you know if Chris and I get something special going for tomorrow at Cantara! I wonder how many zinfandels they might be able to put out for a tasting?

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