So who else is going to be on the bus to Walla Walla?

Inquiring minds want to know a little more about these 12 bloggers who will be on the blogging bus wending its way from Woodinville to Walla Walla.

How many inquiring minds I couldn’t tell you. But I ‘m curious!

So I did a little digging around, found out that I’m already following most of the folks on twitter, I’m a fan of some of their blogs, some of my fellow van-mates I’ve  met before at previous Wine Bloggers Conferences, and I’m facebook friends with at least one (hi Amy!) who is helping me out enormously by picking me up at the airport and giving me a ride to Woodinville.

So check out these blogs. See what they have to say about Washington wine and wine in general. I’ll post this list again when the time comes so you can compare their responses on the wine soaked way to Walla Walla.

Toledo Wines and

Another Wine (Hi Amy!)

Cellarmistress’ Cellar (Hi Grace!)

Windy City Wine

The Vino

Wine (That’s me!)

Jenna &

4 thoughts on “So who else is going to be on the bus to Walla Walla?

  1. Checking in from Toledo. Congratulations on your WBC-or-Bust win. I’ll be riding along with you. Toledo Wines and Vines focuses on wine tastings and events in the Toledo area, but also wineries in Ohio, Michigan, the Finger Lakes, Ontario and beyond — even Washington. We also feature tasting notes on wines and a musings about wine in general.




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