P.S. I Love You Presents “Dark & Delicious”

Tonight P.S. I Love You, a Petite Sirah advocacy group led by Jo Diaz, presents “Dark & Delicious” to Petite Sirah and foodie fans who can get to the SF Bay Area tonight,  Friday night February 19, 2010.

I am one of those Petite Sirah fans who thought she could get there. But alas, no. Life intervened–my husband had a major accident and that will curtail our travels and activities for the next three months.

And so instead of joining Petite Sirah fans up there to taste PS from 45 wineries, I will join them via cyber space, tasting and tweeting PS I Love You and a blog post too tomorrow. I pulled from my cellar a Twisted Oak PS 2006 from a recent Twisted Few shipment and winemaker Michael Meagher gave me 2007 Napa PS from Old Creek Ranch Winery for the occasion. (Hmmn, I know Twisted Oak is a member of PS I Love You and I bet El Jefe himself will be there tonight; I wonder if Old Creek Ranch Winery is a member yet?)

And instead of trying all those fabulous foods from the amazing restaurants represented at Dark & Delicious, well, since we can’t leave the house because of that injury to my spouse, the plan is to bring food home from Main Course and Prime Steakhouse.

Oh and if this post makes you want to attend, unless you already have tickets, you’ll have to go with me next year because it sold out a week ago.

4 thoughts on “P.S. I Love You Presents “Dark & Delicious”

  1. Old Creek Ranch Winery is not a member! We (I) sort of live in our own world. For us it is all about what is best for the wine, and what wines we want to make. Our Petites are wonderful by our standards and others. We do not wish to hold our wines up against others because we respect other winery efforts. But at times you have to do just that to get attention to our quality. Petite will remain in our future, mostly because of the vineyards unique qualities and Michael’s abilities to follow through with what the grapes give us to work with. Originally we purchased the PS to pickup the finish on our Cab. I told the vineyard owner who is an old friend that he should tear everything out a plant PS after that first year. We are delighted to be participants in the quest to highly respected Petite Sirahs. Please send me the link to PS I love you.



  2. Hi John!

    The link is in the blog post but here it is for you:


    PS I Love You is run by my friend Jo Diaz; I met her at the Wine Bloggers Conference but I really got to know her when she selected me to go to Portugal. And I must say, I really love what Michael is doing with your PS so I hope you’ll join the org in order to introduce your wine to more people.

    I’ll see you at your next bottling, I hope. It’s really exciting what you and Michael are doing up there and I’m really glad I’ve had a chance to get to know your wines this past year.

    best, gwendolyn


  3. Of course El Jefe is a member… ;^)

    Imagine a group of passionate Petite People without him.

    This group is about marketing Petite, John, more than sitting around and comparing notes with each other. Each member has a strength, and I work (as a publicist) to get everyone PS in front of wine writers and consumers. The wineries are pretty much handling their own trade relations. (We had an amazing Blue tooth Tour for two years with trade. We went all over the US. One year it was in a motor home, the next year was about a luxury train.)

    The strength is in our numbers, but we’re less than 80 members. We’d love to have you join our merry band of PS bards! We’re definitely not mainstream, by any stretch of the imagination.


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