WBW #55: Vino V CA Syrah vs which AUS Syrah?

wbw-new1Two questions: Where do you cellar your wine? And what should I drink from mine?

in the late 1950s,  my grandfather built a wine cellar into the hillside of his house, the floor made from water-washed Japanese stones used as ballast in a ship almost a hundred years ago.

He enjoyed his wine, but it didn’t take anything too exotic to please him–he drank chianti by the jug, the more unusual or interesting wines in the cellar supplied by friends. One day I will inventory what’s there and see if any of it is drinkable, much less valuable for more than a conversation or two.

Conveniently for me, my grandfather’s nearly empty wine cellar is less than a mile from my house as the crow flies, right up the hill from where we live near the beach. It’s just far enough away to keep me from ransacking it regularly, and it allows me to forget exactly what’s in there allowing the wine to age well past what it would if it was underneath our house which also maintains cellar like temperatures most of the year.tn1 Vino V syrah

For this Remy Charest’s Wine Blogging Wednesday, I decided to do syrahs (no surprise to anyone who knows my fondness for them!), and to compare Vino V’s White Hawk syrah with something from Down Under. So yesterday I headed up to the cellar to see what I had stored that would be a worthy competitor to Michael Meagher’s wine.

What did I find?

–1998 Brothers in Arms Langhorne Creek Shiraz

–2003 hazyblur Adelaide Plains Shiraz

–2003 Barossa Scholar Shiraz

–2006 Chris Ringland Ebenezer Shiraz

Or, I could make the Vino V wine “south” and compare it to a 2000 Eberle Paso Robles Reid Vineyard shiraz…

Decisions, decisions! What would you choose?

Oh really! You think I should open 4 bottles? Two from the CA and two from AUS? Now that’s a party!

Well I’m off to the store to get a rack of lamb (or maybe duck breast!) to enjoy with the wine!

2 thoughts on “WBW #55: Vino V CA Syrah vs which AUS Syrah?

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